Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cambridge a University City

Located in Cambridgeshire in England Cambridge is a university city which has lots of open green spaces and lovely views of grazing cows. In the spring you can see crocuses and daffodils on the Backs. You can take in amazing views King’sCollege Chapel, lots of great Gothic architecture and boats on the River Cam. Over 3.5 million visitors come to this city every year just to have the chance to see some of the most unspoiled countryside in England.

The focal point of Cambridge is Cambridge University which was founded in the 13th century. The university has had many famous alumni such as mathematician Sir Isaac Newton and writers like John Milton and Lord Byron. An interesting fact is that Cambridge academics have won more Nobel Prizes than those from any other university round the globe.
Worth seeing are The Backs which are gardens found by the river behind various colleges. If you head on downstream you can pass right through the gardens of Clare, Trinity and St. John’s Colleges.
Botanic Garden of Cambridge University is a great way to communicate with nature and get away from the rush. There are over 10,000 species of plants here.
Walking along the Backs you will walk through Kings College right onto Kings Parade where you will find a lovely row of exclusive shops.
One thing which is typically Cambridge is punting. . Punting is where you find yourself in a long wooden boat gliding along by pushing a pole against the shallow river bottom. There are two routes you can take. One is punting along the Backs and the other is to head out towards the village of Grantchester. It’s fun to do it on your own but guided tours are available.
Another thing which Cambridge is popular for is rowing. Here you can find more than half a dozen large town clubs. All through the year there are a number of regattas and head races held here on the river.
When it comes to accommodations there are many choices of places to stay. One is Cambridge Youth Hostel which is housed in a Victorian town house. It offers clean and comfortable beds and is a 15 minute walk from the town centre. Breakfast is included in the price.
A&B Guesthouse offers small, clean rooms. En-suite is also available and includes a hot English breakfast.
Chequer Cottage B&B is located 14 miles from Cambridge. It offers King-size en-suite rooms if you wish to splurge. It sits in a lovely country garden and the price includes English or Continental breakfast and Wi-Fi.
Brooklands Guest House offer simple bed and breakfast facilities.

The choice of accommodation is yours when you visit Cambridge which is a university city well worth taking a look at. There is incredible architecture and many idyllic nature scenes as well. Lovely walks in gardens and by the peaceful river side.